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Volunteer Essentials Kit:


Packaging Design


The Volunteer Essentials Kit aims to  minimize intimidation that volunteers or nonprofit associates may feel when signing up to go abroad. It serves as an introduction to the culture of the destination, the history, language, climate, wildlife, and local survival techniques in case of emergency. The kit also includes a filtered water bottle, first aid kit, and products to protect against the environment. 


Ease of usability was vital in the kit's design. The water bottle is always accessible, the information booklets can be removed from the rest of the kit to bring on the flight, and the mosquito net pouch can be removed and used as a smaller travel case for shorter day trips. 


It was also essential to me to make this product one with minimal economic and environmental impact, using a self-sustaining model. Similar to the business model of Krochet Kids Intl., the kit could be assembled by locals that the organization serves, helping to generate income and improve living standards. 




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