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Instagram is a great tool for sharing, communicating, and building communities. Instameets are a organic growth from the users of Instagram, who have organized themselves and meet up to take photos, have new experiences and expand their social network. 


Instagram is doing their part to support this grassroots community, and has a blog that maps and displays Instameets all over the world. Instagram came to Stamen to get a map that is easier to use and that highlights what is most important to them: the photos from their enthusiastic IGers. 


While providing them with a cleaner, more legible basemap that doesn't compete with Instagram's brand, we also restructured the usagility to show more photos at once and to clarify the call-to-action. 


Check out the map and the Instameet page here



Mapping Instameets for

the Instagram Community

Finished Design: Mobile
Landing Animation of Featured Instameets
Selected image zooms map and gives info
User can slide up for more photo info
Search icon expands to fill the frame
Finished Design: Desktop
Landing view. Featured 
Instameets animate and 
upcoming Instameets are 
highlighted in orange. 
Images are ordered by date, 
upcoming first, followed
by past meets. 
Once a photo is selected, the 
map zooms in to the location, 
the image grows larger, and 
the photo details display. 
Search menu expands outward
from the upper right. 
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