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Visualizing Human Emotion

Creating a way for the world to explore, understand, and chart emotion


Commissioned by the Dalai Lama and lead by psychologist and emotion specialist Dr. Paul Ekman


-- In Progress --

A few years back, Dr. Paul Ekman was introduced to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and had hours of intense discussion about human emotions. Both of them fascinated by the other, as well as the collision of their fields, they formed a strong friendship that would bring on collaboration and new discoveries. Dr. Ekman expressed the desire to visualize his work, and the Dalai Lama expressed the wish to support the endevor. 

Dr. Ekman came to us at Stamen to take his research and create an interactive "Map of Emotions."


After months of research, content development, information arcitecture, and iterating on concepts, my small team of three developed the beginnings of a website and potential app you will see below. 




The App (in-progress)
The Site (in-progress)
A Walkthrough (Password: EmoVis)
Process (Abridged)
Original vision from client
Sorting the data visually
Wireframing the site
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