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As a designer, I believe in three things: 


Honesty: Purity of an idea, of it's representation, of it's components, kept true in every facet, through final execution. Analysis: Research, research, research, question, and research some more. Push forward, pull back, and get another view. Pause is essential. Chaos: Chaos reigns. The rapper Riff Raff is living proof. Sweet, sweet proof. Never underestimate chaos. 


These ideas provide me with continual guidence in both my design and life processes. I am especially interested in applying these concepts to design thinking to push the boundaries of social impact, branding, interactivity, and spatial experience. 


"It is through this personal connection to place and people that the human qualities of design rise to the top of the priority list, through which our clients are no longer beneficiaries, but experts and co-designers right there with us."                              

— Emily Pilloton, Are Humanitarian Designers Imperialists? Project H Responds

"What soul I have left I've managed to keep by pausing; by stopping and thinking."


— Stefan Sagmeister

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