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Five Words in Uganda

[Empowering Young Women Through Entrepreneurship]


Unicef Uganda Partnership:

Research and Design Project


During my junior year as an undergraduate at Art Center, I was lucky enough to participate in the Grad Media / Field program for two semesters. This program consisted of a first-time partnership between the school and Unicef Uganda's Innovation Lab. Over two trips totalling two months, we were given the chance to research any of the challenges that Unicef Uganda was facing, and apply design thinking to their approach.


The images here are my resulting study on what it means for nonprofits in the country to claim that they are empowering women with new skills. Once back in the states, and supported by my undergrad graphic design department, these images were turned into 5 ft. posters featured in an exhibit of my research and process.




Footage of the chicken typography. Warning; it gets a bit gruesome.

Footage courtesy of Erik Anderson. 

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