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Project U

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign for At-Risk Youth


DesignMatters Partnership with

the LA Unified School District


In this partnership project between Art Center and the LAUSD, our class was given the task of both branding and creating an entire campaign to be administered throughout 30 high schools in Los Angeles.    

The goal was to inform at-risk teens, particularly LGBTQ teens, about HIV, AIDS and the importance of condom use. After researching and developing the brand as a class, we broke into teams to execute the campaign. As a part of the print team, I was responsible for creating the zines, which could be unfolded into a poster.


For more information on our project and process, visit the Design Matters Project U website or check out LAUSD's live, adapted site at To see Ben Hickman's original site design, click here





Zine interior poster, design by Roger Schami. 

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